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    Getting Married Young isn't for Sissies

    getting married young.jpg Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    By Amber Frank, Out of the Ashes

    I was speaking with a young person the other day, she is madly in love, and wants to get married sooner rather than later.  By young I mean she is still in her teens.  As I was listening I couldn’t help but smile as I heard her talk about all the reasons why she wants to get married in the next few years.  I remember all those reasons.  I too met my husband when I was very young, only 16 in fact, he was 19.  We met and in one night that was it, I was gone. Head. Over. Heels.

    One thing this young girl has that I didn’t is an authentic walk with Christ and a desire to serve Him first.  Not only does she have that strong walk with the Lord, but so does her boyfriend.

    As our conversation went on, I could hear her frustration as she began to tell me of all the people who think she is foolish for wanting to get married before she is, 20, 25, 30, (let’s just say everyone thinks she should wait, wait, wait).… continue reading

    Behind My Shiny Facebook Life

    BehindShinyFBLife.jpg Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    Vicki TiedeBehind Closed Doors column

    I think I’m living somewhere between the tension of my shiny Facebook life and a sometimes filmy reality; and I don’t think I’m the only one, nor do I think that’s all bad.

    I’ve often said that our family would never qualify as the poster family for … well … anything. I believe it. Being the poster family suggests to me, that one has it all figured out, and while our statuses on Facebook might be perceived that way, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Does that mean we are trying to project something to the world that is less than accurate? Not at all.  We just don’t feel the need to air our dirty laundry or our kids’ dirty duds on social media.

    I’m a mom who will share positive things that my kids have done with my Facebook friends and family – especially if it reflects a Christ-centered, beautiful heart.  Many days there is simply nothing newsworthy to share and that’s just fine.… continue reading

    Man--Becoming a Leader, the First Step

    follow the leader wide t nv 300x168 Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    Man Becoming A Leader, The 1st Step

    Rev. Jason Lane, Man Resumed Column

    Remember the childhood game “follow the leader”? I do, and honestly, that was never one of my favorites unless I was the leader. My favorite was “red rover, red rover”, where I could be the strongest.

    The game of following the leader would not start until the leader took the first step. The same is true in life. Leadership begins when the appointed leader takes the first step.

    To start leading, as God’s appointed leader, the man must make the first move.

    So then “What is the first move?”

    The first move is not to find a following. It is not to demand those in your life to follow exactly what you do or say. The first move is to make a step towards Christ.… continue reading

    Unleashing the Lioness

    lionesspic Getting Married Young isnt for SissiesPsalms 139: 14

    I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

    This particular verse in Psalms is quoted numerous times, however, I often wonder if we are grasping the full meaning of this Scripture.

    Do you realize that you are the living sum of both fear and wonder? That statement in and of itself is powerful: fear plus wonder equals YOU.

    When I think of the idea of fear coupled with wonder my soul is automatically drawn to the lioness. The lioness is strong and sleek. Her stride is profound with purpose. She is simply stunning. With her paw (hand) she is capable of both killing and caressing, and with her roar (voice) she will seize and capture you simultaneously.… continue reading

    Build Up and Blow Up: 3 ways to deal with anger

    blow up.jpg Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    By Amy Joob, On Emotions Column

    Build Up and Blow Up

    When you were a kid it was a lot of fun to build something like a tower and then knock it down or make it blow up. It’s fun to watch balloons, beach balls, or fireworks explode. But when it comes to our emotions and specifically our anger, blowing our fuse is not a healthy or wise thing to do.

    Iballoons 425ds082410 300x190 Getting Married Young isnt for Sissiest’s easy to lose your temper when you allow all of the little things and offenses to build up. It is important to remember that we should not stuff our feelings or stuff the hurts down inside. It starts with us, the parents. We need to model self-control and teach our teens how to keep the lines of communication open.

    Let your teens see you resolving conflict in healthy ways, by being calm, and by holding people accountable in a godly way. It is best to use statements like “I felt hurt when…..” or “I got angry when…”  Even though confrontation can be scary or being real with your feelings makes you feel vulnerable, it is the best way to keep things from building up.… continue reading


    Freedin Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    By: Tara Fairfield, On Identity

    This month we celebrate freedom in America, hard won by the blood and sacrifice of generations before us. Living in a free country means we choose our own careers, where we live and who we vote to lead our state and nation. But what does it mean to be personally free? The kind of freedom referred to in John 8:36 which says, So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
    God intends for his children to live free from the bonds of sin and death.

    • free from anxiety,
    • free from depression,
    • free from bitterness,
    • free from anger.

    Want to know the key to living free? Jesus’ work on the cross and resurrection provided all those who follow him the authority to claim victory over the enemy and his attempt to trap us into sin and death. To be free we must declare our authority in the name of Jesus over anything standing in our way to a life lived fully to His glory.… continue reading

    Telling My Story When Life Isn't Always Picture Perfect

    my story abortion.jpg Getting Married Young isnt for Sissies

    By Claire Culwell, the On Life Column

    If you haven’t seen the movie October Baby, I recommend that you rent it. It will change your life.

    Last year I spoke in San Diego with the actress from October Baby, Shari Rigby, who plays the part of the birth mother. I sat there in awe as we watched her give a sincere speech about her life- she had a child at 17 years old, had a difficult first marriage, found herself pregnant again and made the decision to have an abortion…and finally found the love of her life, had her 2nd child and gave her life to follow Christ. Her testimony was an amazing story of how God will bless us when we choose to put our trust in Him regardless of our past. She has found forgiveness, healing and a life of redemption in the past several years through her marriage, her family and her career as an actor/director, especially in her latest movie October Baby where she found true healing from her past abortion.… continue reading

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