On Parent Talk Radio: Lauri Khodabandehloo, Lonely Girl, Gracious God, on Autism; Valerie Comer, Bottled Water & The Hamster Wheel

Friday at 10am EST on Parent Talk:  Lauri Khodabandehloo,  Lonely Girl, Gracious God, on Autism; Valerie Comer, Bottled Water & The Hamster Wheel

Friday at 11am EST on Teen TalkMichael Card, Biblical Imagination Series; Daniel Blackaby, on faith and family; Lynn Cowell, Sex is Better than Chocolate, Why Wait?

If you missed the live show, here’s the podcast

As discussed at the start of the show, The Women Redeemed live webcast event on September 20 at 8 PM EDT featuring authors Kim Ketola (Cradle My Heart), Teske Drake (Hope for Today, Promises for Tomorrow),and Dawn Scott Jones (When a Woman You Love Was Abused). The webcast will allow women to come together to share their struggles and fears in order to move toward healing and hope. Women will able to support one another and discuss shared experiences in a non-threatening, open and loving environment.

To register to join the webcast, click here or visit Kregel’s Facebook page for details.

First up: Lauri Khodabandehloo

Lonely Girl, gracious god, Choose NOW Ministries

Lonely Girl, Gracious God: A Mother’s Story of Autism’s Devastation and God’s Promise of Enduring Love

From the moment of her birth, Farema was not like her sisters. She didn’t respond normally to sounds or the touch of a hand. She was different. Embrace this mother’s deeply personal account of tragedies and triumphs, along with joys and sorrows of raising a child with the devastating disability of autism.

When lives have been turned upside down and we have nothing left to cling to, God offers amazing grace to find encouragement and authentic hope  in the face of overwhelming confusion and grief.

Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor Lauri Khodabandehloo takes us on a journey down the broken road that leads us to the truth of God’s overwhelming faithfulness, and His promise to never leave us as she shares the special bond between those who are challenged with a developmental disability and the people who love them.

Hear Lauri’s heart as she shares about her daughter’s battle with autism and the struggles their family endured. It’s eye-opening, redeeming, and inspiring!

Valerie Comer, On Being Green, Choose NOW

Next Up: Valerie Comer, On Being Green

Valerie Comer is our resident expert on all things green. This month, we’ll be chatting about bottled water and its effect on the environment. Also, the reasons why it has taken such a huge place in our societies consumption practices.

And, speaking of our busy lives (I’m sooo guilty!) that force us to resort to wasteful conveniences, how is running on that Hamster Wheel working out? 😉



  1. I have a daughter who has austism and is post heart trasnplant and she is very interested in reading this book. I would love win this and be able to give it to her.

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