So long to CNM

Hi friends, I am so excited…God is so faithful. I have prayed for direction, and I’ve waited to see what may come, and I dabbled in some changes here at CNM that might fit with where I was headed. But, no. In the end, I am fully convinced that I am to move on to a new focus. It’s not easy in a lot of ways, trust me, but in others, it’s the simplest thing ever. When you’re right in the middle of God’s will, all is at peace. I am now going to be focusing on my new website at You can pop over there to learn more about what I’m doing, but the short version is that I want to help busy people become fit. I will be sharing from a very vulnerable place and offering challenges along the way. You can also sign up for a great freebie called 100 DAYS. It’s full of tips I picked up while losing 100 pounds and is delivered to your inbox once a day for 100 days–perfect for fit and busy people! Thank you so much for the years of support and for letting me pour into your lives as you parent…

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100-Pounds Gone, Goal Reached, Inside-Out Change

Honestly, this is a really hard post to write. I’m not exactly sure why, probably because I know it’s going to end with a really personal picture that I don’t really want to post. So don’t, right? Well, first I have to ask myself what my reasons are for not wanting to post it. Simply put, the before picture is embarrassing and I don’t want to look like I’m boasting about my success. Fact is, it IS embarrassing. How on earth did I allow myself to get to that point? It’s horrifying to think that I had so much great stuff going on in my life, but I let my own health get so far out of my grasp after the triplets were born. Why? Oh, I could list a bunch of reasons excuses. And maybe we’ll talk about them on this blog in the coming weeks and months, but the fact is, I let my struggle get a grip on me to the point where I didn’t believe I could overcome it. I let my struggle get a grip on me to the point where I didn’t believe I could overcome it…. Click To Tweet And about the boastful…

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Just What I Almost Wanted: Book Cover Reveal

Just What I Almost Wanted Here she is, friends. I am so in love with this cover. It really captures what I’ve wanted to convey with this book. This book is about all those times you’ve longed for something special, but ended up with more of the same. It’s about the times you begged God to solve a problem, but rather than relief, you got more stress as an answer. It’s about those times when you said, “But, God! I can do more.” And He said, “This is what I have for you right now.” And for those times when logic told you one thing, but God had other plans. So, what are you seeking? The gift or the Giver? In this book, I write from my heart, from experiences, and from the very center of my own disappointments, longings, and losses. We’ll look at how it’s possible to see positives within the negatives of loss, grief, and even the big no. It’s even possible to reach a place of gratitude for those life lessons. I’ll share more about Just What I Almost Wanted in coming weeks. Today I just wanted to share the pretty cover. It’s pink! Funny story. As…

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The Biggest Loser

In this time I’ve been away from the blogosphere, I’ve been working hard on my health. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and have returned to focusing on fitness with the same intensity I had once upon a time. I’m so happy to feel the vigor rising from within…the passion that looks at food as fuel and nutrition as part of an end goal. For me, that end goal is to be faster and fitter and to have fun doing it. And most of all, to be a good example to my kids and others. One of the things that has helped me to finally lose weight and will ensure I keep it off is figuring out my food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities. Believe it or not, those are three different things. I will blog about that in upcoming weeks–you won’t believe the list of stuff I can’t eat. The almost-the-end result is that I’ve lost 98 pounds! Here’s a picture from the 75-pound mark. I’ll share another side-by-side when I hit my 100-pound goal–maybe this week! Now, don’t get me wrong–I may be almost done losing weight, but I’ve got a ways to go on my fitness journey. I have…

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The Last Firsts and the First Lasts

  To catch you up a bit on what’s happening with my two of my bigs (I have three bigs and three littles). Emily is a freshman and Natalie is a senior this year. Wow. I knew there would be a lot of emotion involved, but I didn’t know it would start on the first day of school and last all year long! But, here we are nearing the end of the year, and it hasn’t been easy. The last firsts and the first lasts. Emily entered high school and I have gotten to see her enjoy her first marching band competition, her first high school show choir show, her first driver’s ed class…the list goes on. And I’m one of those moms who gets teary even at the firsts because I know one day there will be a last. Trust me, it’s emotionally exhausting. But it’s true–everything comes to an end. Natalie has almost completed her senior year and the lasts are endless…and they are breaking my heart. We’re about to enter the final weeks before graduation, and, frankly, I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Why does God give us such passionate love for these people who spend their lives straining to gain independence? Doesn’t He know how…

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My teens won’t be seen with me!

Does that empty beach chair feel all too familiar? Trust me, I’m no stranger to sitting by an empty chair at church or being a placeholder at an event. I always put on a smile and tell my teens to “go have fun with your friends,” but sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks.

First of all, let me assure you that it’s completely normal. It not you; it’s them! … Here are ten reasons it’s not always a bad thing when your teens don’t want to hang out with you.


Classmates and Teachers and Subs, Oh My!

by Ann-Margret Hovsepian The first-day-of-school jitters are a distant memory. Your daughter is deep into her extracurricular activities, your son’s sneakers are no longer white and both their lockers look like sets from Storage Wars. But there’s one aspect of school your teens might still be struggling with: the people! You remember what it’s like: The teachers who make students feel like someone is plucking out their eyelashes, one by one. The substitute who makes it very clear he’d rather be taming lions than be stuck in a room full of teenagers. The classmate your teen wishes he or she could lock into the supply room for the rest of the year. The good news is that your teens don’t have to go through the rest of the school year feeling frustrated or dreading certain classes. They can make positive decisions about their attitudes—attitudes that will not only give them peace of mind but also make them a shining light for God. Just as a lighthouse gives hope and guidance to lost ships, your kids can have a powerful influence on their teachers and classmates—even the ones they are convinced are out to get them—by choosing to encourage and pray for them. Here’s Why It’s easy…

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Labor Day, don’t plan to work forever!

By Steve Repak, the On Family Money Matters Column 1 Thessalonians 4:12 ESV “So that you may walk properly before outsiders and be dependent on no one.” What are the reason you labor, or should I say why do you work? You are probably thinking you work in order to earn money so you can feed your family, pay for a place to live, pay for gas so you can go to work, etc… Have you ever thought past your immediate needs and thought longer term? For example, do you plan to work forever? When I was young and naïve, I honestly didn’t think about retirement because I thought I would be dead by then so why even plan for something if I am probably not going to be around for it. Since I am older and hopefully a little wiser, my views have definitely changed regarding wanting to work forever. For example I understand that retirement isn’t an if question, it is a when question. So if I choose not to work forever, there are some things I need to do now so I don’t have too. I have three things for you to consider doing so you may not have…

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Good Intentions & Mom Guilt

By Jennifer Watson We walked into a room filled with people we didn’t know very well. I noticed a wave of anxiety rush over my oldest daughter’s face. The same wave I feel at times, the fearful wave of the unknown. “Mom, I don’t like walking into a room where I don’t know people.” I get it. Words fill my mouth. “Baby, half of the people in this room feel just like you do.”  “You can do this.” She instantly relaxes and within minutes she is talking with a girl a few years older than her with a smile on her face. I smiled and watched her in that stretching place knowing that growth is painfully awkward and wonderful at the same time. Sometimes we forget as parents that our weaknesses give way to a strength we can only find in God. Click To Tweet But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. (Matt 11:28 NIV) Everyday we are faced with things that make us uncomfortable and in that stretching place…