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      Powerline365 is another way we are working to help you, parents of teens, stay plugged into the Source without losing connection with your teenagers. Please check out all the ways this resource line can help!   And subscribe to the CNM newsletter and get Spark30 for free!
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    Whether through prayer or advocacy, God will use you to help stop abortion! @claireculwellÊ #prolife

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    Have you ever wondered what it's like from your #SingleParent's perspective? @JenniferMaggio explores that question

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    Fairy tales are nice but we need something true and permanent... #ResurrectionPower of Jesus! @dpowledge

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    Do you really think God is powerless to make something good out of your mess? #powerline365 GOOD INTENTIONS

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    Are pastors forced into relationships with women as spiritual leaders in their families? @RevJBLane

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