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It’s all about choices here at Choose NOW Radio! Big or small, there’s a moment before every decision when you can alter the course of your life. Dive in with me on Hot Button topics like peer pressure, dating, purity, drugs, alcohol, modesty, popularity, your future, and many other things that might come up along the way.

They tell me I’m a youth culture expert because I write and speak to pre-teens, teens, and parents about how to prepare for life’s tough choices. I’ve written six books, been published over 200 times in devotional books, will see eleven more books release in the next year, and been interviewed on numerous radio stations & TV–maybe that all does makes me an expert of some sort. I suppose being a mom of six, including toddler triplets, and working as a youth director, a Bible study leader for women and teens, and working as a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center qualify me in some ways, too.

But, it’s the memory of my own teen years (yes, I remember that far back) that has created a passion within me to reach out to teens and help them muddle through the confusion and pressure that life throws at them…at you! Hang out with me; let’s figure it out together. I promise I won’t preach at you–well, I’ll try really hard not to!

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