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      Powerline365 is another way we are working to help you, parents of teens, stay plugged into the Source without losing connection with your teenagers. Please check out all the ways this resource line can help!   And subscribe to the CNM newsletter and get Spark30 for free!
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    A teen's desperate craving for family connections leads down a steep path. THE EMBITTERED RUBY #Christian #YAfiction

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    What does food have to do with being a believer? @valeriecomer #stewardship

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    The very same power that raised Him from the dead will hold me when circumstances tell me to quit! @dpowledge

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    What challenge stands as a high wall between yourself and happiness?Ê@sarajohannagoff #BELIEVE

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    "Love Love Love!!! This book has been such a blessing to me." PEACE & THE SINGLE MOM #devo

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